Intensivpflegebett NANO

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für Intensivpflege, medizinisch
höhenverstellbar, Trendelenburg, Anti-Trendelenburg
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Famed NANO is an advanced hospital bed which is ideal for intensive care units and recovery rooms of any hospital. The patient weight measurement system, pre-programmed positions available at the touch of a button, early patient mobilization system and easy to use SoftDropPlus™ handrails ensure patient comfort and safety and make the work of the medical staff easier. The dual-column base provides stability and allows for collision-free patient monitoring with the C-arm during hospitalization. Very early mobilization of the patient is an essential element of any modern hospital. Famed NANO makes it easier for the patient to get out of bed and exercise by using dedicated VEM panels, the longitudinal tilt, as well as foot board lock, stable boards and side rails with many places for a firm grip. Famed NANO can help the patient get up and away from bed, encouraging him to regain shape and health. FEATURES: • Very early mobilization system; • Constant distance between handrails according to the standard (EN 60601-2-52); • Side rails operated with one hand; • Control panels in the side rails adapted for the blind and partially sighted persons; • One-button activated positions: anti-shock, examination, Fowler, CPR, cardiac chair position, vascular, and three VEM positions; • Ability to lock some functions using the central panel; • Easy access to the CPR levers; • Easily removable headboard as additional patient support during CPR; • X-ray translucent HPL bed surface (MAE 0,39 mm Al); • The weight measurement system makes it easy to monitor patients’ weight with an accuracy of 100g; • All plastic and varnished elements made with pSilver™ technology.
* Die Preise verstehen sich ohne MwSt., Versandkosten und Zollgebühren. Eventuelle Zusatzkosten für Installation oder Inbetriebnahme sind nicht enthalten. Es handelt sich um unverbindliche Preisangaben, die je nach Land, Kurs der Rohstoffe und Wechselkurs schwanken können.